Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs & Pregnancy (Pregnancy)

Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs & Pregnancy (Pregnancy)

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From the time you find out you’re pregnant, you will want to give your baby the best start at life. However, unhealthy lifestyle choices and addictions can have a serious impact on the growth and development of your unborn baby. This impact can sometimes happen before you even know you’re pregnant. It’s hard to imagine how everything you put in your body – whether it’s inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin – can affect her! Changing lifestyle habits and overcoming addictions is tough and takes strength, perseverance, and often outside help. This class will cover the effects of smoking, drinking alcohol, and using drugs during pregnancy. It will cover how these activities affect your developing baby, your pregnancy, and you. It will also cover some of the long-term, developmental issues your child may face from exposure to these harmful chemicals. This class will offer tips on how to successfully quit smoking, drinking, or using drugs, as well as when you should consider asking for help.

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05-23-22 at 02:00 PM


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