Event type: In-person

Co-Parenting: There Is Hope!

Meet the cofounder of the Center for Modern Family Dynamics, Jay Daughtry. Jay shares his journey into single parenting and gives insights into self-care as

Life Skills: Budget 101

Stay out of debt. Save for the future. Plan your big purchases. Live within your means. All great ideas, but how can you practice them

Developmental: Whining

Your toddler is so smart! As she grows and learns to talk, your toddler learns how to get what she wants! It’s an art. A

Parenting: Child Anger

They get so mad! And sometimes we just don’t know why! You expect meltdowns from toddlers, who are just trying to figure out their big

Co-Parenting: Beyond Child Support

Coparenting is not over when the child support ends. Hear from the hearts of these adult children of divorce and learn from their recollections and

Life Skills: The Monster of Debt

Have you ever found yourself with too little cash and too many bills? The stress, worry, and restrictions of being unable to pay your bills

Developmental: Tantrums

Nothing says membership to the Mommy Club more than watching another mom struggle through a tantrum with her toddler. Every parent will eventually experience meltdowns

Co-Parenting: Dating and Remarriage

Andy Dunn helps us understand the difference in being a single parent or being a single coparent. That makes all the difference in the world