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Prenatal Care (Pregnancy)

You’re pregnant, and you have a lot to consider. Car seats, baby’s room, baby clothes, and what brand of diapers you want to use. But

Finding a Job (Life Skills)

Ugh! Finding a job is SOOOO HARD!! It’s one of those things we don’t love but have to do. So, where do you start? How

Your First Trimester (Pregnancy)

You’re pregnant, and you’re wondering, now what? There is a lot to know about pregnancy, your changing body, and your developing baby. So much happens

Breastfeeding (Pregnancy)

In this class you will learn the benefits that come with breastfeeding. You will learn helpful techniques used by a lot of moms to make

Your Financial Future (Life Skills)

You’ve gotten out of debt, managed your budget, put away the credit cards, and gotten control of your desire to spend. What’s next, you may

Shaken Baby (Pregnancy)

You’ve seen the stories in the news of babies who’ve been violently shaken and then died from their injuries. Most of us think, “Not me!