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Anger Management (Life Skills)

Everyone gets angry once in a while. It’s a normal emotion for when we feel attacked, threatened, or shamed. Anger causes us to fight or

Understanding Your Infant (First Year)

Probably one of the scariest things in life is bringing home your newborn for the first time and realizing, “I DON’T COMPLETELY KNOW WHAT I’M

Potty Training (Toddler)

This class shows the basics of potty training, including: How to know when to start potty training; Preparation for the big day; The “how to”

Bible Study with Gabbi

Weekly Bible study going over “In His Image” by Jen Wilkin, with one of FirstLook’s Spiritual Mentors, Gabbi. This book discusses 10 ways God calls

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Quality Child Care

Choosing child care that is right for you and your child can be difficult. This class covers the possible problems to look for, what types

24-36 Month Milestones

Your busy toddler is quickly learning new skills in the areas of cognitive development, language and communication development, social and emotional development, and physical development.

The importance of Bonding (Pregnancy)

The love bond between child and parent is the foundation upon which all discipline, relationships and self-esteem is based. This class instructs both on the

Crying (First Year)

We love our babies, but we HATE their crying. Especially the inconsolable crying that you can’t fix! It’s hard to listen to, and it makes