Free Online Virtual Pregnancy, Parenting, Life Skills & Bible Study classes!

With the current COVID-19 situation, FirstLook is offering an array of Pregnancy, Parenting, Life Skills and Bible Study classes online virtually so you can attend class and have community with other parents from the comfort of your own home, pjs and all!

Getting Your Baby to Sleep (1st Year)

Monday, September 14 at 2:00pm

When baby don’t sleep, mama don’t sleep either! It’s hard getting your baby to sleep long enough in order for you to get adequate sleep too! It can turn any of us into mombies, you know, mom-zombies! Why do babies sleep for such short stretches of time, and when can you expect yours to sleep through the night? What is a normal sleep cycle, and what makes a baby a ‘good’ sleeper? This video will answer these questions, help you through some common sleep challenges, and give you some tips on how to get your baby into a sleep cycle you can live and sleep with!

Cute little baby sleeping in cradle at home

Tantrums (Toddler)

Tuesday, September 15 at 2:00pm

Every parent will experience meltdowns in their children eventually as they move through toddlerhood. What really causes tantrums? What can you do to help your child through this stage? How do you stop them, or better yet, can you prevent them altogether? And is this a normal phase of life or just bad behavior? This class will answer these questions as well as give a parent some tips on how to cope when the going gets tough.

TBD (Dad Class)

Tuesday, September 15 at 2:00pm


Critical Issues (Co-Parenting)

Tuesday, September 15 at 7:15pm

Whether single parenting, co-parenting or parenting in a new blended family, finances are always an important “hot topic” to be discussed and processed between parents. Money is emotional but these common sense tips will help keep your finances on track. Family therapist and child specialist, Rebecca K. Griffith, helps us understand the emotional needs of children through all their ages and stages of development in post-divorce life. She also explains how to tell the children about the decision to divorce.

Sexual Behavior and Children (Parenting)

Wednesday, September 16 at 2:00pm

Sexual behavior and kids rank high on the parent meter for uncomfortable topics. What are normal, developmental sexual behaviors in a child and what things should you be concerned about? In this class, we talk about the common sexual behaviors in childhood from preschool children up to twelve years old, how you should respond to them, and your important role in shaping your child’s healthy attitudes and behaviors towards sex.


Journey Through John: Chapters 9 through 11 (Bible Study)

Wednesday, September 16 at 7:00pm

To understand in depth Christ’s plan of salvation and His plan for your life.

Getting Ready - Nesting (Pregnancy)

Thursday, September 17 at 2:00pm

It’s a mystery. Birds do it, hamsters do it, and other animals do it too, including humans. Nesting—is it an animalistic science-proven instinct or just a big belly felt eureka moment? Women in their last month or weeks of pregnancy are often spurred on by bursts of energy, sometimes at a frenzied pace, to get ready for a new baby. In this class, we will look at what nesting is and why it happens. Does it lead to labor or is it just an old wives’ tale? Before you get out your broom and mop, let’s examine some safe ways to get your nesting mojo on and when that mojo goes too far.


Positions and First Weeks (Breastfeeding - Women only please)

Friday, September 18 at 2:00pm

This class helps moms understand different breastfeeding positions to better help with feeding their baby. Handling common breastfeeding challenges in the first weeks after birth are covered as well.

Crying (1st Year)

Monday, September 21 at 2:00pm

We love our babies, but we HATE their crying. Especially the inconsolable crying that you can’t fix! It’s hard to listen to, and it makes us so EMOTIONAL! It evokes feelings from deep within! You may be wondering, “Is this normal?” “Am I doing something wrong?” Or worse, “Is there something wrong with my baby?” There may even be a little voice inside wondering, “Am I a bad parent?” This class answers all those questions and talks about ways you can soothe
your baby and what to do if you can’t stop the crying!


Whining (Toddler)

Tuesday, September 22 at 2:00pm

Your toddler is so smart! As they grow and learn to talk, toddlers learn how to get what they want! It’s an art. A finely-honed skill. And they learn very quickly that nothing cuts to the core more than a well-placed, repetitious whining demand. It wears you down until you’re screaming, “UNCLE!” But if you give in, it only gets worse! In this class we’ll look at what causes whining and what
you can do to STOP IT!

TBD (Dad Class)

Tuesday, September 22 at 2:00pm


Abuse, Addiction & Abandonment (Co-Parenting)

Tuesday, September 22 at 7:15pm

The first step in preventing abuse is knowing what it looks like. Amy Alexander, LMFT and co-founder of the Refuge Center for Counseling, offers her wisdom and experience in dealing with the issues of emotional abuse in relationships and how to navigate the co-parenting pathway safely. Counselor Noah Zapf walks us through the process of understanding addiction and the risks it poses for children of addicts. His extensive experience allows him to provide keen insights and practical action points to help you deal with an addicted co-parent. What if my children have been abandoned by their
other parent? One parent can be enough when using the power of positive role models and mentors to fill in the gaps.

Anger Management (Life Skills)

Wednesday, September 23 at 2:00pm

Everyone gets angry once in a while. It’s a normal emotion for when we feel attacked, threatened, or shamed. Anger causes us to fight or run. When it gets out of control, it can hurt others and damage relationships. But, we have the ability to manage and control this intense emotion. In this class, we talk about understanding the triggers to your anger and how to handle them in a positive way.


Journey Through John: Chapters 12 through 14 (Bible Study)

Wednesday, September 23 at 7:00pm

To understand in depth Christ’s plan of salvation and His plan for your life.

Infant Temperament (1st Year)

Thursday, September 24 at 2:00pm

The basic needs of most babies are all the same; but every baby has a unique temperament. This class looks at the different types of temperament and helps the viewer understand the natural differences that can be cherished in each child.


Caring For Yourself After Birth (Pregnancy)

Friday, September 25 at 2:00pm

Women are often taught to consider the needs of others before their own. After giving birth, it is critical for a woman to take good care of herself so that she is better equipped to care for her newborn. Things like postpartum healing, rest, nutrition, exercise, and how to handle the baby blues help her settle into her new role as a mom. This class will share tips on what to expect after giving birth, and how a postpartum woman can take great care of herself.

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