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Creating Kindness (Parenting)

Friday, December 10 @ 2 pm (Virtual)

 We want our kids to help old ladies cross the street, serve meals to the poor, and become pals to lonely kids at school. But how do you teach them to be kind? Where does kindness come from? This class gives you tips on finding those teachable moments in everyday life where you can guide your children to choose kindness, and how you can model this value from your own interactions with them to encourage their hearts.


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The Importance of Words (Toddler)

Tuesday, December 14 @ 2 pm (Virtual)

Your words are incredibly important to your child because you’re incredibly important to your child! Unfortunately, it’s hard to always say the right things! Words are POWERFUL and can build confidence and self-esteem, or in one heated moment, tear your child down. In this class, we’ll show you how you can grow your toddler through the power of your words, how to avoid saying the things that tear them down, and what to do when you mess up.


Bible study with Ally

Tuesday, December 14 @ 6:30pm @ 213 YMCA Dr



Being a Father – Being a Role Model

Tuesday, December 14 @ 2 pm (Virtual)

Once you’re a father, you’re an instant role model—good or bad. Your kids learn everything from you: how to treat their mother, how they should be treated, how to act, how to parent, and what is important in life. The question is what kind of role model are you? This class talks about the parenting style that will yield the best results in your kids and the things you can do to respond better and expect more of your children. And then how to put it all into practice so that you can be best role model for your kids.


Firstlook 101

Wednesday, December 15 @ 1pm @ 213 YMCA Dr

An informative class where we share what FirstLook has to offer and how we may be able to help you. Please call 469-530-4934 to register for class.

Bible Study

Wednesday, December 15 @ 7 pm (Virtual)

Weekly bible study going over “In His Image” by Jen Wilkin, with one of FirstLook’s Spiritual Mentors, Gabbi. This book discusses 10 ways God calls us to reflect his character.

Creating Confidence (Parenting)

Thursday, December 16 @ 6 pm (Virtual)

What kind of super-hero confidence does it take to carry your child through life? To give them super-natural power over their own actions or to defeat the villains of the schoolyard? In this class, we talk about the three things you can do to help create this super-power of confidence in your child!

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**Your First Trimester

Friday, December 17 @ 2 pm (Virtual)

You’re pregnant, and you’re wondering, now what? There is a lot to know about pregnancy, your changing body, and your developing baby. So much happens in that first trimester! You will experience changes in your body, your emotions, and your lifestyle. Your baby also goes through a lot of growth, developing into the little person you soon will see in less than nine months! This class takes a look at pregnancy in the first trimester and also talks about your baby’s journey in development.

Car Seat Safety (First Year)

Monday, December 20 @ 2 pm (Virtual)

Parents are responsible for keeping their children safe, including traveling safely with them. Car seat recommendations and laws change and vary by state. Add to that the stress of figuring out which car seat is right for your child and car, and how to install and use it correctly. It can feel overwhelming for a parent making these important decisions. This class will help sort through the choices a parent has when faced with selecting the right car seat. It will also give tips on correctly installing a car seat, and where to go for help if it is too confusing. Finally, this class will cover how to correctly use the seat once installed so parents may feel confident their children are traveling safely.

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I Can Do It By Myself (Toddler)

Tuesday, December 21 @ 2 pm (Virtual)

Independent toddlers are sometimes talked about in a negative way. The truth: a spirit of independence IS a good thing for them to have, but sometimes it comes out in difficult ways. In this class, we talk about how you can create a home that allows your toddler to develop the four important qualities they’ll need for independence. And we’ll talk about how you can nurture this spirit of independence in your child.

Being A Father - Being a Leader

Tuesday, December 21 @ 6 pm 213 YMCA Dr

To lead or not to lead, that is the question. Well, once you’re a father, you’re a leader, like it or not. And your children naturally turn to you for guidance and direction. They also look to you to keep them safe. The question then becomes how you will lead. But even if being a good leader doesn’t come naturally, you can learn to do it well. In this class we will talk about what it takes to be a good leader, and how you can lead in expectations, challenges, boundaries, listening, and by responding to your children.

In Person Bible Study with Allie

Tuesday, December 21 @ 6:30pm – 213 YMCA Dr

Firstlook 101

Wednesday, December 22 @ 1 pm – 213 YMCA Dr

An informative class where we share what FirstLook has to offer and how we may be able to help you. Please call 469-530-4934 to register for class.


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Bible Study

Wednesday, December 22 @ 7 pm (Virtual)

Weekly bible study going over “In His Image” by Jen Wilkin, with one of FirstLook’s Spiritual Mentors, Gabbi. This book discusses 10 ways God calls us to reflect his character.

**Prenatal Care (Pregnancy/Birth)

Thursday, December 23 @ 2 pm (Virtual)

You’re pregnant, and you have a lot to consider. Car seats, baby’s room, baby clothes, and what brand of diapers you want to use. But the most important consideration right now is how you can take the best care of yourself and your developing baby. Your first step is setting up your prenatal care. In this class, we will discuss prenatal care, what you should expect at your prenatal checkups, and why they are so important to keeping you and your baby healthy.

Co Parenting Communication (CoParenting)

Thursday, December 23 @ 6 pm (Virtual)

Knowing where we are and where we want to go helps us plan for the journey. Defining your co-parenting relationship, understanding healthy boundaries and knowing how each category affects your children gives you the power to impact their post-divorce experience. This tool will help you assess where you are in your co-parenting relationship currently. Most importantly, this tool will help you understand how your children are impacted by your co-parenting choices. Language matters. How each parent talks about the other parent’s residence can either be painful and confusing to kids or it can be neutral and even positive. Learning to use words that foster a sense of “belonging” in the hearts of the children will give them the freedom to feel at home in both places.

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Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas!


Mommy Nutrition (First Year)

Monday, December 27 @ 2 pm (Virtual)

Let’s see…the choice between chocolate cake or a Snicker’s Bar for lunch vs a healthy alternative. The choice is tough, isn’t it? What feels good vs what is good! This class looks at why a mommy’s nutritional needs are important and how you can make healthy choices 90 percent of the time so that you don’t have to feel guilty about those occasional “feel-good” choices. We’ll take a look at what your nutritional needs really are, and how you can easily meet them, with just a little planning.

Toddler Play (Toddler)

Tuesday, December 28 @ 2pm (Virtual)

You may think it’s all just fun and games when you watch a toddler play. But really, many of the skills we need to be successful in life are learned in toddlerhood through play. We learn how to work with others, to share, to negotiate, and to develop decision-making and problem-solving skills. And best of all, we learn HOW to learn. Are you thinking, WHAT? Well come along as we journey into the life of a toddler to discover how playing teaches them so much!

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Being A Father - Being Consistent

Tuesday, December 28 @ 6pm – 213 YMCA Dr

Your children need you to be their dad through thick and thin. They need you in good times and hard times. And they need you to be consistent in your actions, love, and teaching. They need you there in real life. This is the challenge all fathers face! In this class, we talk about what it means to be a consistent father and how you do it year after year, so your children will grow up to be the best adults possible. Consistency is key, as they say! This is especially true of fatherhood; consistency in your actions, love, and teaching throughout their lives is the best way to nurture them and help them to grow into mature, responsible adults. Here’s how you can do just that! 

In Person Bible Study with Ally

Tuesday, December 28 @ 6:30pm – 213 YMCA Dr


Firstlook 101

Wednesday, December 29 @ 1pm – 213 YMCA Dr

An informative class where we share what FirstLook has to offer and how we may be able to help you. Please call 469-530-4934 to register for class.

Bible Study

Wednesday, December 29 @ 7 pm (Virtual)

Weekly bible study going over “In His Image” by Jen Wilkin, with one of FirstLook’s Spiritual Mentors, Gabbi. This book discusses 10 ways God calls us to reflect his character.

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** Eating for Two (Pregnancy)

Thursday, December 30 @ 2 pm (Virtual)

When you’re pregnant, both you and your baby need nourishment in order to thrive. But what does eating for two really mean? Do you get to eat one cookie for yourself and one for the baby, and should you double your portions? In this video, we will look at the diet a pregnant mom should consume and how many more calories are needed to support a healthy pregnancy. We’ll also talk about what foods are healthy, which ones to avoid, and how to manage those cravings that can drive you crazy!

Meetings and Handoffs (Coparenting)

Thursday, December 30 @ 6pm (Virtual)

A well-planned co-parenting meeting can be the foundation for healthy communication and provide freedom through compartmentalizing the process of raising kids in two homes. Everything from suggested topics to tone of voice are addressed in this thorough examination of meetings with your child’s other parent. One of the most frequent experiences in co-parenting is how mom and dad do transitions between homes. Handling the hand off in an intentional and positive way will protect children from the possible “flashpoint” these moments can become. This creative vignette is set to music and represents the internal pain children can experience when their parents are in conflict.

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** Your Ultrasound Appointment (Pregnancy and Birth)

Friday, December 31 @ 2pm (Virtual)

Getting to see your unborn baby on an ultrasound machine is an exciting and special event for any parent. It’s like unwrapping a wonderful gift as the scanner zooms in on your baby moving and bouncing around in your womb. But, as exciting as it is to see, there is more to an obstetric ultrasound than just a thrill for the parents. Medical providers are also able to track the development, growth, due date, and overall health of an unborn baby. This class will discuss what to expect at an ultrasound appointment and will give an incredible glimpse of your unborn baby’s world.

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