Free Online Virtual Pregnancy, Parenting, Life Skills & Bible Study classes!

With the current COVID-19 situation, FirstLook is offering an array of Pregnancy, Parenting, Life Skills and Bible Study classes online virtually so you can attend class and have community with other parents from the comfort of your own home, pjs and all!

Infant Hygiene

Friday, October 21 @ 2pm

Caring for an infant does not require vast amounts of training or an advanced degree. Caring for an infant simply requires a dedicated parent willing to respond to a child’s needs in appropriate ways. This class provides standard techniques of care that will help parents to provide for their infant’s day-to-day hygiene needs.

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Labor and Delivery: Natural Comfort Measures

Monday, October  25 @ 1pm

Pain in childbirth can feel pretty scary. You might wonder, “can I handle it?! What if I can’t?” In this class we talk all about managing pain the natural way. That’s right, without any pain medication. You can do this! You’ll learn about the three Rs: relaxation, ritual, and rhythm to help you manage pain. Then we discuss various natural comfort techniques to help you lessen the sensation of pain. We also discuss the benefits to a more natural birth, and why learning them is helpful, even if you’re planning on the epidural.

Helping Children Process Change

Monday, October 25 @ 6pm

Change is difficult for children. They may not show it immediately, but inside they are trying to protect themselves from the hurt that so much change brings. This class will help you talk through these hard issues with your children. Helping them sort through and understand their confusing feelings goes a long way. In this class, you can learn to go further as you help them to process their emotions and to make healthy choices on how they express them. Give your child the tools they need to understand what they are feeling and to work through them to acceptance.


Toilet Training

Tuesday, October 26 @ 2pm

This class shows the basics of potty training, including: How to know when to start potty training; Preparation for the big day; The “how to” of potty training; Rewards and encouragements; Dealing with disappointments; Tips for boys; and Tips for girls. A 5.8 Flesch–Kincaid Grade Level score ensures information is easily understood.

Understanding Your Infant

Wednesday, October 27 @ 2pm

Probably one of the scariest things in life is bringing home your newborn for the first time and realizing, “I DON’T COMPLETELY KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!” Well, give yourself a big hug ‘cuz most parents feel this way! After all, babies can’t really tell you what they need…or can they? In this class, we talk about understanding your baby’s needs and how they communicate, their personality, and how they learn and grow. We’ll also talk about understanding how you can take great care of yourself and line up the support you need.  


Bible Study w/ Gabbi

Wednesday, October 27 @ 7pm

Weekly bible study going over “In His Image” by Jen Wilkin, with one of FirstLook’s Spiritual Mentors, Gabbi. This book discusses 10 ways God calls us to reflect his character.

Simple Infant Care

Thursday, October 28 @ 2pm

Many less common but important topics of infant care are not often discussed, particularly from a researched and documented position. This class will provide mothers with information on a variety of less common subjects that are important to the well-being of their child. Some of these include how to hold a newborn, techniques for soothing a crying baby, bed sharing, burping, infant walkers, pacifiers, and more. Each section is based on research and professional recommendations by leading medical organizations. After watching this class, new parents will be able to make informed and study-based choices in each subject for the care of their newborn.


Caring for Yourself after Childbirth

Friday, October 29 @ 2pm

Women are often taught to consider the needs of others before their own. After giving birth, it is critical for a woman to take good care of herself so that she is better equipped to care for her newborn. Things like postpartum healing, rest, nutrition, exercise, and how to handle the baby blues help her settle into her new role as a mom. This class will share tips on what to expect after giving birth, and how a postpartum woman can take great care of herself. 

Rewards Points

Rewards points are given for participation in our classes. The points can be redeemed for items at Noah’s Boutique or our FirstLook Boutiques. Please see our Rewards Point page for more information.