What to Expect

First Look

Registered Nurse Consultation Appointment

This appointment will include a health history intake and a medical-grade pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy. The nurse will provide direction on your plan of care whether the pregnancy test results are positive or negative.

First Look

FirstLook 101 Class

During your FirstLook 101 class you will be introduced to our team: Care Manager, Doula, Wellness Coach and our Education Director. They will share how FirstLook can support you during this time.

FirstLook 101 classes are held every Wednesday at 1:00-3:00pm in the Learning Center. Class size is limited to 8 attendees. Class registration will be available at your pregnancy test appointment. By registering early and attending, you will receive bonus points to spend in The Looking Glass, baby boutique.

First Look

Initial Care Manager Appointment

During this appointment, your Care Manager has the pleasure of meeting with you and listening to any concerns, issues, or triumphs.  We will assess and explore solutions for transportation, housing, education, employment, support, and more.

First Look

"Take Flight" Classes

Attend a variety of parenting and life skills classes to support and prepare you for parenting and earn 25 Reward point per hour of class which can be redeemed in the Looking Glass Boutique. Additionally, you will attend a few meetings with your Care Manager to complete your Take Flight Passport and receive a $100 gift card.