Event type: In-person

ADD/ ADHD/ Autism (Parenting)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD can make parenting a challenge, as if it wasn’t already! Whether it’s inattentiveness, hyperactivity, impulsiveness, or all three combined,

Childbirth Class

Our nurse manager, Becky, will take you through your new journey from what to expect to that special day. Topics include: Labor Expectations Labor &

Dating & Remarriage (Co-Parenting)

Andy Dunn helps us understand the difference between being a single parent or being a single co-parent. That makes all the difference in the world

Creating Confidence (Parenting)

What kind of superhero confidence does it take to carry your child through life? To give them super-natural power over their own actions or to

Creating Kindness (Parenting)

We want our kids to help old ladies cross the street, serve meals to the poor, and become pals to lonely kids at school. But

Critical Issues (Co-Parenting)

Whether single parenting, co-parenting or parenting in a new blended family, finances are always an important “hot topic” to be discussed and processed between parents.

Creating Courage (Parenting)

Your child dents your neighbor’s car when playing ball in the street. Do they tell you about it or do they hide it and hope

Creating Honesty (Parenting)

We’ve all caught our kids in a lie or two. We’ve even told a few ourselves. Why do kids lie and can you teach them