How can I support her?

What if I’m not ready to be a father?

What if she wants an abortion and I don’t?

If your partner recently told you she’s pregnant, you’re likely wondering all these things and more. Don’t worry—all your questions, worries, and fears are normal.

You’ve just learned life-changing news, and it can feel overwhelming. But we’re here to help. At FirstLook, we have a caring team who know what you’re going through. Contact us today to find a welcoming and confidential space to ask questions and receive more information.

Will I Be a Good Father?

It’s normal to worry about whether you’ll be a good father. Maybe you don’t have a good father figure in your life, or you feel like you’re too young. Whatever the reason behind your worry, be encouraged and know that you can be an amazing father! All it takes is the desire and commitment. 

At FirstLook, we offer ongoing one-on-one support, counseling, and education for fathers. Contact us today to learn more.

What Should I do first?

If your partner just told you she’s pregnant, the most important thing you can do is offer support. She’s likely feeling even more scared, anxious, and overwhelmed than you, and your support will mean the world to her right now.

Showing your support can take many forms, including:

  • Respecting her feelings while being honest about your own. This time can feel tense and uncertain, especially if you two don’t know how to move forward or don’t agree on what to do. However, the best way to respect her feelings is to have an open dialogue with her. Let her express herself and be open to asking questions if you don’t understand where she’s coming from.
  • Going to appointments with her. She will likely attend many doctor’s appointments in the coming weeks, and going with her will help her feel supported.
  • Helping her stay healthy. No matter what choice your partner is leaning toward, getting a pregnancy ultrasound is the best way to help protect your partner’s health. Attend the ultrasound appointment with her to show that you care about her well-being. Consider how you feel about the ultrasound results. Depending on what they reveal, these results could affect your partner’s pregnancy options or reveal medical conditions. Be there for her if she needs treatment, and take care of yourself in the process.

You’re not alone in this. Contact us today to learn more about the support we offer specifically for fathers.